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Don’t wait to Invest. Invest then wait….

Don’t wait to invest. Invest then wait. At Dinas Estate Agents we believe that to succeed in property investment first you must take action. You should purchase a quality, well located investment. Then you must hold your investment property asset for the long term. As we are all aware the property market fluctuates up and […]

3 Top Tips for Successful Property Investment

1. Use a Qualified Property Investment Professional It’s important to use a company who walks the talk to help you with the process. It’s best not to do it on your own. You may be unaware of what you don’t know in the world of successful property investment. Do your research.  There are many companies […]

Understanding the difference between Landlord and Building Insurance and why both are a must for Property Investors

At Dinas Estate Agents we believe it is vitally important that all property investors have comprehensive yet affordable insurance policies for their investment property. Both Building and Landlord Insurance Policies that can give you peace of mind in most possible scenarios are a must. If you have an investment property it is also wise to […]

Where To Invest In Residential Property In Melbourne

When it comes to investing successfully in any location extensive research on both historical and current capital growth and rental yields are paramount. At Dinas Estate Agents we pride ourselves on obtaining the latest data on all suburbs in Melbourne and Brisbane. We have specifically targeted these cities as current data from the Australian Bureau of […]