Where To Invest In Residential Property In Melbourne

When it comes to investing successfully in any location extensive research on both historical and current capital growth and rental yields are paramount. At Dinas Estate Agents we pride ourselves on obtaining the latest data on all suburbs in Melbourne and Brisbane. We have specifically targeted these cities as current data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that increased population growth combined with low unemployment rates make them key property investment locations.

We also use up to date resources such as REIA, realestate.com.au, RP Data and Your Investment Property Magazine to research current market trends across existing suburbs and growth corridors of new suburbs. All our information is based on fact not hearsay or media hype. This gives our clients important vital knowledge and leads them to make educated and informed decisions when purchasing their investment property.

When it comes to growth corridors we make sure that key infrastructure items such as roads, public transport (ie: rail or bus) services, shops, schools and parks are existing nearby or in approved planning in the very near future at convenient access to the property.

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