Don’t wait to Invest. Invest then wait….

Don’t wait to invest. Invest then wait.

At Dinas Estate Agents we believe that to succeed in property investment first you must take action. You should purchase a quality, well located investment. Then you must hold your investment property asset for the long term.

As we are all aware the property market fluctuates up and down over short periods of time. But history shows us that over a longer period of time most carefully selected property, in the right areas, with sufficient previous historical capital growth data, tend to continue their trends upwards.

We provide our clients with a carefully planned investment process beginning with Education. This Education through our Property Investment Program educates our clients on areas and types of property that have produced adequate historical capital growth over time.

If you are considering investing but have concerns over the property markets fluctuations then we recommend that to give you peace of mind you must perform your calculations for the long term. A minimum of 20-30yrs.

So as mentioned don’t wait to invest. Invest then wait.

It’s not about timing the property market it’s about time in the


By investing then waiting you are able to:

  • Maximise your opportunity for capital growth
  • Claim all legal Tax Refunds
  • Receive most if not all of all the legal Tax Deductions from your property for the full period
  • Building Depreciation: Generally, claimable over 40yrs with Depreciation Schedules created by reputable Quantity Surveyors
  • Depreciation of Fixtures & Fittings: Generally, claimable over the first 10yrs with Depreciation Schedules created by reputable Quantity Surveyors
  • Receive a profitable rental income (In the early years of your investment the rent will help you hold the property. In the later years your investment should pay you a passive income via the rent)

Example Scenario:
Joe buys an investment in Melbourne 2010 when property prices were at record highs. In 2012 he sells for a loss due to the market downward movement.

Had Joe kept this property until 2018 he would possibly have made an adequate profit as capital growth trends in Melbourne achieved 7%growth over this longer period of time.

Buy and hold for the long term when it comes to investing in property.

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