Understanding the difference between Landlord and Building Insurance and why both are a must for Property Investors

At Dinas Estate Agents we believe it is vitally important that all property investors have comprehensive yet affordable insurance policies for their investment property. Both Building and Landlord Insurance Policies that can give you peace of mind in most possible scenarios are a must.

If you have an investment property it is also wise to become familiar with exactly what you are covered for, and the difference between Landlord Insurance and Building Insurance.

We have provided some insight into this topic below.

Landlord insurance generally covers events that cause loss of rental income, damage or theft in your property. While your rental income may cease overnight, your mortgage repayments or the need for income may not. Landlord insurance can provide cover for:
– Damage or theft by tenants
– Loss of rent
– Rent default
– Contents of Landlord
– Public Liability within your property
– Flood

Building insurance can provide cover for:
– Fire
– Water Damage
– Lightning strike
– Storm damage
– Falling trees
– Explosion (caused by gas leaks etc.)
– Earthquake
– Vandalism
– Vehicle collisions with the building

Example Scenario:
A tree falls onto a house due to a violent storm leaving the property uninhabitable for 9 weeks.

A Landlord Insurance policy would normally respond by covering the loss of rent during this period.
A Building Insurance policy would normally respond by covering the cost of repairing the properties structure.

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